From the beginning...

I commited myself to a life of adventure!

Now, 50 years further...

It is nearly done. My lust of adventure sated -- if not completly tamed. The limits of my physical body surpassed.

It is at this point, now with physical constraint induced down-time, I find my thoughts wandering back to the glory days. My mind's gaze meandering backward in time, flowing over the rocky sum of my adventure. Adventure takes time. Time not spent working or getting ahead. I like to think the investment in adventure was worth it. Even with a negative ROI, I'd buy it again. I am content with the bargin I struck. That being the time lost working and the experiances gained in the other. My wish now is to share my tales of adventure with those who might value them. Likely those of a similar hungry spirit to r0am mild or wild.

While adventure is always hungry for another challenger, our time on this planet is unique. We recognize that each of us will confront a different set of opportunities, conditions and constraints. Each of us originate from unique situations and inherit a fixed cercumstance at birth which can not be easily changed. With this said, any comparison of one life to another is senseless. In my opinion, it is not the beginning nor the end which matter, it is the journey between. This then is the journey of an American male born in 60's timeframe of middle-class parents in the upper midwest.

Summit of Mt. Tyndall 2012

Now growing older and becoming unsound, I wish to hand you my experiances pursuing exploration and adventure within the northern hemisphere. Use any insight you derive to move forward your own pursuit of like activities. After all, in a somewhat fatal sense, we are all going to a similar ending. But before all that, let us relish the voyage.

Within the pages of this site find how I approached the challanges of adventure. Through pictures and video collected by my myself and those who have accompanied me. In addition, where I can, I'll also share animations designed to illustrate my quest.

The years have gone by quickly and now I see that my remaining time on this planet is not without limit. I feel compelled to share what I can, before moveing on into my next, other worldly adventures.

Growing Up

As a child, my parents, uncle and grandparents shaped my life in ways hard to understand. A path was shown to me. Allow me to explain...

Young Adult

After highschool it started getting serious. This is how I played it...

Mature Adult

Yeah, I know. Getting older. Don't worry though, it can't happen to you!